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To have a Facebook relationship status or not to have a Facebook relationship status


I struggle with the decision to post my relationship status on Facebook quite often. I am not an active user of Facebook and I currently do not have this section filled-in, nor do I have my hometown, current town, work, education or contact info filled-in. But, I find myself battling with this particular update on my page. I have, too often, gone into that infamous “Relationship Status” pull-down and chosen “In a relationship”. I continue to sit and think about it and tell myself “Just click save, it’s the truth and you should want everyone to know” but then the battle begins and I argue with myself by saying “You never updated it before, why now? It is nobody’s business whether you are in a relationship. If you post it now, it will create too many unnecessary questions. Don’t do it”. So, I cancel and leave it blank.

When did it become so important to announce anything and everything on a website. I feel so much pressure to update this status, to announce my engagement, to post my so-called joy to everybody. Sure, I’ll post pics (mostly to have an external memory in case something happens to my laptop), sometimes I check-in at certain events (like taking my sweet baby Reo to the South Florida Pet Expo then to the dog park), harmless I would say. But, I ask myself while writing this post, “Am I a hypocrite? I have basically announced my engagement in every post in my blog”. Then, I remember I have only told 4 people about this blog and they do not follow me, know where to find me, and 3/4 of them barely know what a blog is.

Sometimes I feel I will update my status once I am married and that should be enough. But, again, I start to feel the pressure…over one website page asking my relationship status! Why is it relevant to post this if I never had before? Then, again, I tell myself “Oh my God, I need to calm down, it’s just Facebook.”

So, for now, I choose to leave my relationship status blank…while continuing to actually be in one. Maybe one day my Facebook family will know my relationship status (if they don’t know already). Meanwhile, I will limit my announcement to you guys, fellow bloggers, readers, strangers and the unknowns. I am happy to share this with you because you are the only one’s I trust with this information. “I AM ENGAGED” thank you for celebrating with me.


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