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Love at first sight, the day i met my dog

**This picture was taken the first week we had him**

Reo, my Siberian Husky, is the true love of my life. My fiancé would say I smother him, I say he’s jealous. It wasn’t until he entered my life that I felt real unconditional love. Everyday, I see it in his eyes and his woooh’s (he is a husky so he doesn’t actually bark…he howls like a wolf). It amazes me everyday the little things he does to show me he loves me, that I am his one and only true love, that he will never stray from me. I like to start this category with the first day I met him.

One day about two years ago, I came home from work. My fiancé (boyfriend at the time…I know I don’t need to make that clear, I just don’t want people thinking we’ve been engaged all this time…haha!!) told me he had spoken to a woman who is looking to re-home a one year old, black and white, Siberian Husky. Being a wonderful fiancé, he actually listened to me when I told him I always wanted a Husky. He remembered from a passing conversation we probably had a year and a half before. I was skeptical, I had never had a pet, I was just starting a new job, we had just moved into a neighborhood far from everything I knew, he was not getting much work, AND THE HOUSE WAS A MESS!!!! Basically, we were not equipped to take on a dog. Despite all of these conflicting situations, I agreed to meet the puppy. I told him we don’t actually need to take him home, if anything, we will think about it.

The next evening came and we went to meet this beautiful Husky named Dolce. Right away he came to greet us, jumping on us and giving us kisses. I would like to say it was love at first sight for him…he knew we were his mommy and daddy…he loved us so much already. It is amazing how quick they can love and give it out soo freely and unconditionally and NEVER take it back. Despite the greatness he was, we did go home just the two of us. We wanted to really think and decide whether or not Dolce was something we can handle and take on. It is a big responsibility to have a dog, could we handle it financially, physically, mentally? But we knew we loved him, we knew he had to take him home with us, we knew he was our baby.

The day before we went to get the new member of our family, we agreed that we would want to rename him. It was a difficult decision as he was already one year old and was used to his name, Dolce. But, we did not feel like it was appropriate for him, he did not look like a Dolce. At the time, the movie Rio about the blue macaw was coming out on DVD and my fiancé mentioned it would be a good name. I agreed, but I have this obsession with naming pets after food (although I never had a pet). Since he was a black and white husky I felt we should name him Oreo but I loved Rio. So we tweaked it a bit and ended up naming him Reo!!!

It was a Sunday evening and we made our journey back to Reo, scared as hell, and took him home. Although we had many reservations and Reo was trying to understand where he was, we wanted so badly for this relationship to work. That is when the adventure began…

Love at first sight was something I never believed in…until I met Reo. How is it possible to lay your eyes on someone for the first time and know you are to love them for the rest of your life. I do not think this is something that can be explained, it just happens. Love is a tricky thing. Embrace it, enjoy it, and love it for all its worth. Trust me, you will not regret it.


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