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Excuse my absence…but we were busy getting married!!!


Just wanted to apologize for my long absence. I was just a little bit busy…still am to be honest with you. I was preoccupied with quite a few events, predominantly with that tiny thing called my wedding. I am happy to say that we have made it through 21 days of wedded bliss. I hope to share more happy details in future blogs but just wanted to check in. I am ready to divulge the many thoughts I have about the many topics of love, because despite my absence, I have stored away many ideas to discuss with you all. I will tell you now, I am not limiting this blog discussing just my husband. I want to discuss several accounts of love through my experiences with family, friends, husband and ex-loves. I will probably start my first blog after this with the loss of a few loved ones, not by death thankfully, but the loss of girlfriends that have chosen to un-friend me. I admit to be broken-hearted, but know to move on. Loosing friends, one’s you thought were close, is like a horrible breakup. You ache for a long time and you sadly reminisce over the great times and analyze what went wrong and why it had to be this way. I want to cry because of these loses that happened, especially since it was at a time of my life that is happy, and I am very happy, I just can’t help but to feel a little grief over the loss/heartbreak or dare I say….BREAK UPS I have had with these girlfriends!!! But, life will move on and I will put those memories in a shoebox and continue to be a very happy Mrs.

Despite my anguish, I will choose to be happy with my two loves: my husband and Reo my Siberian Husky. I will continue to strive on the positive things and positive people who do surround me. These are the people I truly love and truly love me.


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