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Just to make things clear, I am not single or dating, I am actually married (hence the definition I have chosen for myself as “undating”).

I am in love and I am happy and unhappy at times, what relationship doesn’t have both? But, like most of the population, I have too many thoughts in my head about dating, loving someone and of course everything in between. After some unfortunate and fortunate events in my past relationships and with my current love; I have been reflecting on what my approach was when I was dating, what my course of action was/is while in love and all the wonderful and messy parts in between including all the interruptions, in which we call family and friends. I often think about what I should NOT have done and what I should NOT be doing and try to embrace all the positive things that occur.

I start this blog to vent, to share, to reflect, to attempt to guide and hopefully learn myself…why else does anyone blog?? I hope to provide an outsider’s (yet insider’s) point of view on what we may be doing right and what we are most likely doing wrong, how we can move on and move forward to the good. Don’t ever sell yourself short but don’t be hesitant either. I always want to believe in true love, and once it is found, NOTHING can go wrong. Despite this cynical world, true love does exist and it can come from anywhere with anyone.

On a side note yet still about love, my true soul mate is my dog, Reo, a Siberian Husky. Although this is not a blog about dogs, I will warn you that I will mention him quite often. And yes, he is #1 in my life, with my husband close behind.

So basically, this is about relationships: dating, love and everything else in between.


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