Undating…what does this mean?


When I named my blog Happily Undating, I admit I had no idea there was this revolution of undating. I honestly named it this because I knew I wanted to share my thoughts on the topics of love, dating, and all the wonderful and messy things in between; but, I wanted to make it clear that I was NOT dating and that I am in fact engaged…hence, my interpretation of undating.

I did a little research on the concept of “undating”. I learned that it is basically two people choosing to accompany each other on several outings but not labeling their union during this arrangement. From my understanding, they are getting to know each other, finding out if they are compatible and seeking a potential soul mate with that other person. If it works out…great!!! If it does not work out…on to the next undating partner. This undating approach, to my belief, is the step before making this unlabeled union official, and allowing it to become an actual relationship. It may just be me, but isn’t that the definition of dating someone? After a little investigating, I found that the definition of the word dating is two people engaging in social outings with romantic intentions. I do not want to be a pessimist and say it is the same thing…but isn’t it?

I guess I can understand why people hate to put a label on any sort of arrangement they may have with another person. It took me almost a year after my fiancĂ© moved in with me to admit he was my boyfriend. Again, if it works out you end up in a committed relationship. If it does not work out, well, that’s why you didn’t want to label it in the first place right? We’ve all been there, so I will support anyone’s choice to undate.