Starting this on a LOVE note <3


I do not want to start this off with thoughts of hate or bitterness or anger or every negative word you can think of. That is yet to come…ha! I will make this short and sweet and hopefully useful because it has taken me 2 days to get this up and running and about 3 hours just to fill-in the “About” section.

Yes, I believe that most people read too much into EVERYTHING!!! I am 100% guilty of this. Our over analyzing can make us or break us. Unfortunately, today’s society cannot comprehend that sometimes things are truly that simple. Most people have not been able to appreciate the simplicity of dating someone and loving someone. So, enjoy being with someone and all of its simplicity. Love and the attempt at love does not come around very often in its true form and we do not recognize it when it does. Therefore give into it, it’s all we have…a chance. So choose to take a chance at love in order for your life to change…it’s just that simple.